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Navy Program at Center of Drone Survivability Debate

September 17, 2014 • In the News • Original: National Defense Magazine

U.S. military unmanned aircraft for the past decade have carried out reconnaissance and strike missions in “friendly,” or permissive, skies. The drone age began as the nation fought in lands…

Navy Wants to Harvest Retired Japanese Helos for Parts

September 16, 2014 • In the News • Original: The Virginian-Pilot

It’s unusual for the United States – by far the biggest defense spender in the world – to seek scrapped military equipment from other nations. Typically, those roles are reversed. But…

What’s Next: USAF Lays Groundwork To Replace Fighter, Tanker Fleets

September 14, 2014 • In the News • Original: Defense News

As US Air Force leaders gather this week outside of Washington, they bring a warning: Potential adversaries are spending big on technology, and the US can’t afford to fall behind….

War on ISIS Not Likely to Reverse Downward Military Budgets

September 11, 2014 • In the News • Original: National Defense Magazine

The Obama administration’s funding request for upcoming military operations against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria is still in the works. Several billion dollars will be needed to step…

CSBA: Pentagon Needs to Rethink Readiness Measurements to Allow Smarter Spending

September 9, 2014 • In the News • Source: Defense Daily

The Defense Department won’t be able to make smart decisions about how much money it needs to produce a certain level of combat readiness until it begins collecting the right…