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Congress Again Buys Abrams Tanks the Army Doesn’t Want

December 18, 2014 • In the News • Original:

The new defense spending bill includes $120 million for tanks that the Army has repeatedly said it doesn’t want. For three years, the Army in numerous Congressional hearings has pushed…

Air Force Space Programs on Hold as New Architecture Studied

December 16, 2014 • In the News • Original: National Defense Magazine

It’s called “the vicious circle of space acquisition.” Large satellite systems take a long time to develop. As the years stretch on, the temptation to change requirements and add new…

Military Challenged to Maintain Decades-Old Aircraft

December 15, 2014 • In the News • Original: National Defense Magazine

The U.S. military operates fleets of Cold War-era aircraft that will not be replaced any time soon. For the Pentagon, this creates daunting challenges, experts warn. Airplanes will have to…

Upgrades Will Let the Navy’s LCS Operate in More Dangerous Waters

December 12, 2014 • In the News • Original: Defense One

The Navy plans to beef up the firepower and defenses of its littoral combat ship fleet in the coming years, allowing the ships to operate in more dangerous waters. Defense Secretary Chuck…

The Pentagon’s Slush Fund

December 11, 2014 • In the News • Original: Politico

What does an $810 million U.S. defense “initiative” to “reassure” Europe in the wake of Vladimir Putin’s Crimean land grab have to do with emergency war needs in Afghanistan and…